Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth & the Beach!!

This year we did something really fun and spontaneous for Sam's birthday. This year at Disneyland you can get in for free on your birthday - so we thought why not?? We totally surprised the boys and took off in the middle of the night. Sam carried the boys to the car and we just went! They woke up about an hour from Disneyland wondering where we were. They were so surprised! It was lots of fun. My brother Seth tagged along - he hadn't been since he was about 4 years old - so we let him come too.

Here we are in the tram on the way to the entrance.

Waiting in one the many lines.

My cute boys!! Michael - Daniel - Jacob

Daniel and Daddy - the birthday boy!! It was neat - they gave Sam a happy birthday button so employees kept telling Sam happy birthday all day long!

Tarzan's tree house - scary!!

This is in the new Nemo ride - Daniel was fascinated!

He almost fell asleep. After the ride was over he lifted up his head and he had slobbered. He said - uh oh! It was funny!

The boys had fun trying on hats.

Michael was so excited to go on the Indiana Jones Ride - he was too small last time.

The "O" outside California Adventures.

This ride is crazy!! You get so so soaked! Sam and the boys were on this ride. Then I went with Sam & Jake (I don't know why!!!)

This is after!

We were so cold and wet. I had to wear Jacob's hat the rest of the day!

More hats!

The next day before we went to La Jolla Shores and Cove in San Diego. It was still kinda cold and windy - but we still had fun.

Daniel was not excited about the sand at first!

Then Daddy showed him it was ok to play with the sand.

Still a little worried about his hands.

Michael was the brave one who wanted to be buried.

Hulk! He even had shells for nails!

After they rinsed off - they were soo cold.

So pretty!

Michael on the cliffs. The sun was setting - it was so nice!

This was the best picture we could get - Jacob was making funny faces in all of them!!

We had a great trip and made lots of fun memories.


taniahatch said...

sooo much fun!!!! we took a similar vacation to yours in march. and we had a blast too. i loved that you surprised the boys that way. That is the best way of waking up, i think!!!!! only an hour from DisneyLand. thats awesome.

barbafamily said...

Looks like a blast! I love how you guys surprised the boys - that's awesome! And, I love the pictures of you guys :-)

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