Saturday, May 2, 2009

Quick Utah/Idaho trip

I ended up going with my Dad and younger brother Seth up to Utah and Idaho in the middle of March. My Mom was already in Idaho at my brother Nolan's house. Him and Keree had just had their first baby and Keree had to have some surgery on her mouth, so my Mom went up earlier to help. We went for the baby blessing. I decided to go to help my Dad with the drive because he wanted to get there a little earlier than planned because his cousin had passed away and he wanted to make it for the funeral.
Sam, Jacob, and Michael stayed home and fended for themselves. They survived but we missed eachother very much!!

Here is a picture of my Uncle Scott (dad's bro) holding Daniel. He kept stealing him when he got the chance. Daniel wasn't too excited about it. He got fooled everyonce in a while thinking he was grandpa.

This is at the cemetary. My Dad with his parents and his brothers.
(L to R: Uncle Mark, Dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Uncle Scott, Uncle Craig)

We left the next morning for Idaho and stopped in Logan at the zoo. This is Daniel's first encounter with snow. Just a few seconds before this Grandpa gave him some to hold - he dropped it so fast and wiped his hands off.

Little Perry Nolan Anderson. He has really big blue eyes. It is my brother's first child.

From the get go Daniel was fascinated with "baby". He would get so worried when he cried. He'd say "baby waa". It was so funny!

This is his first time holding Perry. He was soo happy. Just a little after this Perry started to cry and Daniel got soo sad. He started to cry too. He felt bad that he was crying.

We went down by the river in Idaho Falls so Daniel could feed the geese and we could take a walk. These are pretty wild geese so they were a little agressive. I would have to grab Daniel when he got a little to close and pull him back. But he loved it he'd say "teet teet umm umm." Translation - the birds are eating their food. ha ha
Here is a pic of us with the Idaho Falls temple in the background. It was a really nice day.
Ok - this video is sideways - but it is funny to see him learning to run. He moves that left arm with some gusto.
I just love how he is patting his head.

Here is the cute family. Keree, Nolan and Perry in his blessing outfit that my Mom made for him. It turned cold and started snowing during church. Crazy weather!

We had a great trip. By the time we were traveling home Daniel wanted nothing to do with his carseat anymore, so it was a little hard. But he was soo good on this trip.


Nolan and Keree Anderson said...

Perry looks so much different know than he did in those picture you have. He is heavier and he looks it too. Thanks for coming up we enjoyed having you. Looks like you have had lots going on. Keep smiling, love ya! Keree

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