Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Many exciting happenings this past week!!!

Sam finished by his deadline!! yeah - with a few days to spare.
Sam had surgery to remove his gall bladder on the 17th and he still had a little more to finish on the painting. A few days after surgery he was back to work on his painting because it was a Christmas gift. I think it turned out beautiful!!
Here is Daniel eatinng lunch with Daddy. He loves his Daddy so much. If Dad is wearing his painting hat - so is Daniel. It is so cute!

The boys watching a cartoon on the laptop.

Here is a picture of Sam's painting with the boys sticking their heads in the painting. Funny kids!

On Christmas Eve this year we went to Sam's brothers house in Florence. It was a lot of fun to all get together and eat - play games - read the Christmas story and open gifts together.
Here is Michael with Santa. It was cute - he asked Michael what he wanted for Christmas and he said the Wii fit. I asked him later - What??? He said he wanted to make sure that Jacob got it so he asked for it too. So cute!!

Jacob with Santa.

Daniel was not excited at all about seeing Santa. Right after this picture the tears came rolling down his face!

Daniel with his new toy - a light up laser gun. What little boy doesn't like lights and guns?

On Christmas morning we went to my parents house. The boys were excited when we got home from Florence because they noticed that Santa had visited, then when they woke up and went to Grandma's house they were kinda sad to leave their presents at home, but that kept them excited to get home later. It's like having 3 Christmas'.

Jacob got some nerf guns.

Here are my parents opening their present. They were so excited and they loved it. My mom almost started to cry! They hung it up on the wall right after to make sure little Zack attack didn't get to it. ha ha

The boys resting watching a Christmas movie in their new track suits from Grandma.

Chelsea got to my parents house around noon and she went right away to try on her wedding dress. My mom made it and it was really pretty!

We finally made it home around 2 and the boys got to open their presents. Daniel got a little car.

Here is Michael and Daniel playing with light sabers and Jacob in the background with his Wii fit. He was so excited. He started jumping up and down and saying "YES!! YES!!" I wish we got it on video - oh well.

On the 26th we went up to Mesa to go to the temple with my sister Chelsea because she was getting married on the 27th to Lamar. He is from Thatcher and they are a really cute couple.

Lamar & Chelsea Innes

Chelsea with her sisters.
Sunny, Chelsea, Heather

Here is Daniel playing on the grass at the Temple.

After the sealing we went to a church building in Chandler for a luncheon. This a a picture of my cousin Kijuana with her kids, Devon and Nate. I had to post this because it's hilarious and it was her idea. ha ha

Momma with sleepy boy Daniel.

Then we were off back to Tucson to go help decorate for the reception and to party!!
Here are my cute boys. My mom made them bow ties and cumberbons (Daniel didn't like his cumberbon so much - he kept trying to take it off, but he left the bow tie alone).

Daniel with his cousin Kanela.
(Notice the cumberbon is now under his shirt.)
Here is a really good picture of my parents.

Chelsea dancing with Dad.

Lamar with my Mom.

Chelsea and Lamar are also having an open house this weekend after their honeymoon. So more fun times to come!
We had a really good and busy week.
Poor Daniel I think was feeling the effects of it. The next day he got really sick and couldn't keep anything in him. I was doing so much laundy and changing beds it was crazy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas!!

Happy holidays to all of our loved ones!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

November Happenings!

Sam's Nana moved from Chandler to Utah. They had just finished loading up the truck and were about to hit the road.

Sam made a goal this year to ride in the El Tour de Tucson. It is 109 miles. He did it in about 7 1/2 hours. He did really good. We were so proud of him!

Sam's brother Ray and his wife Jacque also rode, and Hyrum and Alicia rode a tandem bike. Everyone finished! Hooray!!

Jacob woke up with me at 4 in the morning to take Sam to the start line. The race started at 7am, but they had to get there early for a good spot in line. There were over 7,ooo riders! Crazy people. haha

Here is Sam with Papa about 11 miles from the finish line. He looks good! My family has an aid station that we volunteer at every year for the past 20+ years. This is at our station.

Here is Sam working on his next project. Daniel loves to help daddy! How cute!

He needs his painting hat like Daddy too!
Betsy was frying up the rice balls that her mother-in-law made.
We had Thanksgiving at our house this year. We had 40 people. It was lots of fun. All of Sam's family plus mine and even my Aunt and Uncle from Utah came. It was fun to hang out with everyone.
The bro's - Tim, Sam, Ray and Meno. (Hyrum was with his in-laws this year)
More family!
Even more!
And then some more!

After the festivites - Sam, Daniel and Michael were exhausted!

Lots of fun!!