Friday, January 15, 2010

November happenings! Surprise - I'm playing catch up again!!

We sang happy birthday to Sam's dad a little early this year because he was going to be having a hip replacement surgery and would be coming out of the hospital on his birthday.

Here he was with his walker. He is doing much better now. Most times he doesn't need to use his cane.

This year during the El Tour de Tucson, Sam and two brothers Ray & Hyrum (and his wife Alicia) rode the 112 mile ride. This is right by our house. We got out early so we could see the first racers pass. It was a really huge group, they took up both lanes!

Hyrum and Alicia were the first to get to us to switch out bottles and take off their pants. It was starting to get warm!

Here is Ray coming in for a pit stop.

And Sam!

We drove to the north side and met Sam & Ray again for another water refill and then headed to our station on Ina.
Here is my niece Karli having a great time serving. She was so cute, she counted how many things she handed out. Even one of the other riders took here picture!

Sam at our station. He was still looking really good! Only about 12 miles left!! hooray!
Jacob holding Daddy's bike.

My Dad built a fort out of the boxes behind Daniel to keep the kids away from the street. He got out and ended up in the dirt!! Can you say dirty!!!! I had to hose him down before we got in the car!
Sam's Nana and Uncle David came to visit Papa after Thanksgiving.

We had a really good Thanksgiving. We had lots of family over and had a great time. Somehow I didn't take any pictures, oh well!!