Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Kanela is here!!

Some of you know my brother William and his wife Sandy. They had their baby girl yesterday!! Her name is Kanela Rose Anderson. She weighed 7 lbs 13 ozs and was 20 inches long. Mom and baby are doing good!I was trying to wake her up, so she could eat but she wouldn't wake up for nothing!

She has really long toes.
Here is grandma and big sister Karli.
Grandpa and Kanela

Utah Trip, first week of May

The boys and I went on a road trip to Utah with my parents and brother Seth. My cousin was getting married and I hadn't been to see family in quite a while, so I figured it would be a perfect opportunity to go. Daniel did pretty good in the car, the boys pretty much slept the whole way because we drove at night. Coming home was a little harder on Daniel because it was during the day, not to mention the whole teething thing! He had four coming in at once! Luckily he only got moody at bedtime. This is at Grandma Anderson's house. Just before church on Sunday Jacob wanted Grandma to show him how to do cursive. He likes to see every ones techniques. It is pretty funny. He wants to be able to write fast and neat. Grandma was happy to help him.
We went down to Temple Square to do a little sight seeing. This is the first time that the boys remember going to see the sights, so it was really fun for them. Here we are in front of Brigham Young's house. They were surprised how steep the stairs were and how many different sets of stairs.
Salt Lake Temple.
Here we are on top of the Conference Center. The sprinklers went on so it was a nice cool breeze. The weather was pretty warm that day. It was the best day to be outside the whole time we were there.
Here is Grandpa (my dad) with Daniel.
Inside the visitors center at the Temple.The flowers were so pretty!!This was inside the Church History Museum. There was an exhibit on the Tabernacle since it was just renovated. The boys thought it would be funny if they gave a "talk" from the pulpit.Here is Heather (my sister) and Daniel. Heather and her husband Nate moved to Utah about a week before Daniel was born. It was good to see her, and get my hair done again. She had me spoiled, then she went and moved on me! How could she??? haha

This is a view from an investment property of my parents in Daybreak, Ut. This picture was taken from their driveway. It is of the new temple that they are building. It is a very pretty area.Here is my cousin Tyler. I caught him holding the bouquet for his new sister-in-law! I couldn't resist embarrassing him. Poor guy!My brother and his wife also came down from Idaho. Nolan and Keree. Heather is holding Daniel and her husband Nate behind.Me and my boys!This is a picture of my Grandma and her boys! left to right: Uncle Scott, Uncle Craig, Grandma, Uncle Mark, and my dad, AlanMy cousin Clint and his new wife Amy. Here are my cousins, Kyle, Kimberlee, Clint and Tyler. It was so fun to see everyone. They had a luncheon afterwards and then we went to my Uncle Scott's house and played games. It was nice for them that they could just go home after the luncheon and relax. We had a great time.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Next part of April

What a difference 11 years makes!! On the 12th of April we celebrated our anniversary. I can't believe how fast the years go by. We both look so young!
On our anniversary we took the boys and went to Sakura. They had a lot of fun. The cook liked to joke around with the boys and they didn't know if they should laugh or just roll their eyes!

Here is Daniel clinging to my arm. He started doing this, it is so cute.
Sam also celebrated his birthday! I think it is his 29th again?? haha

Poor Daniel got so so sick. He was playing with a toy and all of the sudden he threw up everything! I thought that he had gagged himself with his toy, but sure enough the next time he ate within a few minutes he lost it again. In the night he ended up with a fever and diarrhea too! He was so weak, it was really sad for him to be so clingy. He wouldn't let us put him down. I got good, I would feed him, because he wanted to eat, then run to the bathroom in time for him to loose it. It was so sad to see his poor body go through that. The dry heaving was the worst, he would turn blue and green in the face. I am so glad that is over. I am thankful to have such a happy healthy baby.
He crawled a little and just fell asleep, he was so weak and sleepy. Here is a cute picture of Daniel wearing his Daddy's hat.

First part of April

My boys!! Michael, Daniel, & Jacob. So handsome. So, Sam came home from work the Thursday before the Tour de Phoenix which was on the 5th and said that his brother Ray had paid to ride in the race and he wasn't going to be able to ride because of a toe injury. He didn't want it to go to waste so he told Sam to ride in his place. He asked me if he should do it and I said, "You can do it!" Everyone he asked told him the same thing, it was only (haha) 72 miles, and he hadn't been training, but once I told him he could do it, there was no backing out. He was nervous to say the least!
Just before the race.
His Uncle David and cousin Jared also rode in the Tour.
Still pretty happy!!
Here is Jacque (Ray's wife).
Daniel with Nana and Ray in the background (he ended up needing to have his toe removed the following week!) Pretty crazy!
Hyrum (Sam's other brother) and his wife Alicia. They rode a tandom bike. We only saw them once - they were cruising!

After much hard work and determination, here is Sam crossing the finish line. He was cramping and in a ton of pain, but he never gave up! He is not a quitter! I was so proud of him!!

They had him sit in the medical area after finishing because his legs were cramping so bad. They wanted to make sure that he was ok. He was fine, he didn't end up having much pain the following few days from the race because he ended up with a terrible tooth ache instead!! Of course it was over the weekend and he had 2 sleepless days and nights, so the dentist called in pain medication and an antibiotic, but the only thing that helped ease the pain was ice. I felt so so bad for him!

My cousin and aunt came down for the weekend to my parents house, here is her son Nate with Daniel. He really thought it was funny that Daniel sucks on Buzz's head. It was fun to spend some time with them!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

More March Stuff

Daniel likes to drive already! haha. We were parked, don't worry! Sam's mom's (Nana's) birthday
My cute boys. Daddy and Daniel.
Here's Jacob at his Pinewood Derby. He and his daddy made a really cool Ferrari car. He had lots of fun, even though I made him take a picture!

Civil War Reenactment

Sam went with the boys,his dad, and nephew Ryan to the civil war reenactment at Picacho Peak back in March. They had so much fun.
Sam's dad wanted to make sure that they weren't late and that it wouldn't be too crowded, so they were 1st in line!

Jacob, Michael, and Ryan climbing part of Picacho Peak.
Michael and Jacob.
Michael, Jacob, Ryan and Tata.

This video is so funny! You can hear a cannon in the background, then Sam moves the camera to his dad and you'll see his response, then Michael's. It's priceless.

Betsy got married!!

So, I had to put at least one embarrassing picture from Betsy's bridal shower. Betsy is Sam's youngest sister and the last one to get married from his family to be married. We are all really happy for her. Her wedding date was on March 22, so yes I am still behind on my posts. haha
Betsy and Papa (Manuel)
She looked so pretty!!
Her man - Tim.
Tim and Sam doing a little dance!!

Michelle (my sister-in-law) and I'm holding a sleepy baby.

Sam and the boys - Daniel and his cousin Noah.

Michael off by himself just enjoying his cake. Don't mess with him and dessert.