Thursday, May 15, 2008

First part of April

My boys!! Michael, Daniel, & Jacob. So handsome. So, Sam came home from work the Thursday before the Tour de Phoenix which was on the 5th and said that his brother Ray had paid to ride in the race and he wasn't going to be able to ride because of a toe injury. He didn't want it to go to waste so he told Sam to ride in his place. He asked me if he should do it and I said, "You can do it!" Everyone he asked told him the same thing, it was only (haha) 72 miles, and he hadn't been training, but once I told him he could do it, there was no backing out. He was nervous to say the least!
Just before the race.
His Uncle David and cousin Jared also rode in the Tour.
Still pretty happy!!
Here is Jacque (Ray's wife).
Daniel with Nana and Ray in the background (he ended up needing to have his toe removed the following week!) Pretty crazy!
Hyrum (Sam's other brother) and his wife Alicia. They rode a tandom bike. We only saw them once - they were cruising!

After much hard work and determination, here is Sam crossing the finish line. He was cramping and in a ton of pain, but he never gave up! He is not a quitter! I was so proud of him!!

They had him sit in the medical area after finishing because his legs were cramping so bad. They wanted to make sure that he was ok. He was fine, he didn't end up having much pain the following few days from the race because he ended up with a terrible tooth ache instead!! Of course it was over the weekend and he had 2 sleepless days and nights, so the dentist called in pain medication and an antibiotic, but the only thing that helped ease the pain was ice. I felt so so bad for him!

My cousin and aunt came down for the weekend to my parents house, here is her son Nate with Daniel. He really thought it was funny that Daniel sucks on Buzz's head. It was fun to spend some time with them!

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