Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween's past

I went through my pictures and found these fun pictures from Halloween's past!! Each of my boys have been superman their first Halloween and a Hobo their second Halloween.

Jacob 10/99 --3 1/2 months old

Michael 10/01 -- 5 months old

Daniel 10/07 --2 1/2 months old

Jacob 10/00 --15 months old

Michael 10/02 --17 months old = center - I wish I took a better picture :(

Daniel 10/08 -- 14 months old

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Halloween, Javelina's and no water!!

The past few weeks have been pretty busy! Halloween was a ton of fun! We went over to our church for the trunk or treat. Sam decided 30 minutes before it was time to go that it would be fun to take a movie and projector for the car decorations. He was able to set up the Charlie Brown Halloween and it was a hit. Some of the parents had a hard time to keep their kids moving. We set up some chairs in front of the movie screen and they were always occupied.

Daniel was a hobo. We also dressed up Jacob and Michael in this same costume on their 2nd Halloween - had to keep up the tradition. I will be posting pictures of them too at this age in this costume. It's so cute - he looked like a little man. He saw a candle and was saying "ooooo!!"

Michael was Indiana Jones. He was able to get his "loot" in his shoulder bag - that was one prop that actually came in handy! Jacob was a surfer dude. Good thing it was a warm night!!

Poor Michael has been having some pretty crazy experiences with the wild life! A couple Sunday's ago we had all the family over for dinner - so it was pretty crazy. Michael had asked to go and get something from the car (you have to go outside to get to the garage). We were starting with dessert when I realized that I hadn't seen Michael for a while. I asked Jacob to check if he was playing outside. Jacob opened the front door and in came Michael running - - then crying. He had seen Javelina and was scared to death! He didn't know what to do and they were pretty close to him so he froze! Poor boy - he was traumatized!
Then a couple of nights later I sent the boys to bed and I had left their window cracked open because it was a nice night. About half hour later Michael came into my room and said that he couldn't sleep because he could hear some Javelina's. I wasn't too sure about that and so I took him back to bed. I listened for a minute then I closed his window because he was right - this is what we found right out our front door -- about 10- of them including babies!

Our water main broke - we had a little geyser and it was no wonder that our water pressure had been really low! Here is the boys helping their Daddy. Daniel loved the dirt!!

My friend is the Primary president in our ward. She was taking pictures of all of the kids for a project that she is working on. She sent me the picture of Jacob in an email. Can you tell he didn't really want to take a picture?? haha - little silly boy. Can you tell who his Daddy is or what?