Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Our Christmas!

Michael said, "Santa has to be real - because they don't make Bumblebee Transformers for the store!" He was so so happy!

Daniel's first time playing with a toy - so cute!Jacob got exactly what he wanted too! Yes!!
Superman!!Jacob's ferrari.
Ya gotta get the Hickory Farms!! It's the best at x-mas!Michael's star wars legos.
Jacob is a really good artist too - he got some pencils and sketchbook to keep him busy, and to keep his papers together!!
We had a great Christmas. The boys were happy and that made us so happy. They said it was the best Christmas EVER!!

Anderson Family Christmas 2007!!

Our family was all together this Christmas. My brother Nolan just got married in September to Keree and Daniel was born. Now Sandy is messing things up - she is due in May!! haha our pic won't be updated for long. Also my brother Bryan is engaged to Gabi who lives in Brazil. They are waiting for all the paperwork to process so she can come to the U.S. and marry Bryan.
top: left to right = William, Nolan, Nate, Sam with Daniel, Bryan, Seth
middle: left to right = Sandy, Keree, Heather, me (Sunny), Chelsea
bottom: left to right = Karli, Ruth (mom/grandma) holding Zack, Alan (dad/grandpa), Jacob, Michael
This was a funny picture because we were kinda on a hill here and Sandy kept slipping down = we were all looking except Michael who was still smiling for Tania. (Tania took our family pic's on Christmas Eve - thanks!!)
Our first family picture since Jacob was 6 months!! How sad is that!! I think it turned out pretty cute despite the wind blowing hair around!
The boys.The grandkids/cousins. Daniel couldn't take it any longer. The thumb had to go in.
Christmas morning at 6am - craziness!! Heather and Nate had to catch a plane home at noon and still had to see his family too. Zack and his ching chings (aka. swords) watch out!!
Sam and Daniel exhausted!! We were up till 2 am then had to wake up at 5 to get to my parents.

Duron Family Christmas 2007!!!

Here is a cute picture of the boys we took after church the Sunday before Christmas.
Every year we get together with Sam's family on Christmas Eve. This year there was quite a crowd of people. Probably between 70-80 friends and family in all. It's fun to see everyone and my family is there too! Sam's family came down from Phoenix so it was extra special to have them there.
This is Meno trying to tell the rules for the white elephant game. It was very very hard for him to get everyone's attention. It was kinda funny. We were in Sam's parents garage. They had it decorated very nice.
Still goofing off during the rules!!
Here is my mom with Daniel.
Michael's silly face!
After the game Sam's brother Hyrum prepared a family slideshow from the year 2007 and we all watched it - it was hilarious again!! Thanks Hyrum & Alicia
Then we went in the house for the Christmas story and Santa's arrival. There was only one little boy who cried the whole time Santa was in the room! Funny
Jacob and Santa.
Michael checking out Santa.
Betsy with Santa. (Check out the shoes!! The boots didn't fit - so crocks had to do the job!!)
Sam's Uncle David had just proposed to his girlfriend Linda. She said "yes". Congrats.

Sam's Artwork

Here are some of Sam's projects that he has worked on during the past few years. I'm not sure how he does it - he has a huge talent!

This one was for his brother Ray for Christmas - he finished it in the nick of time - literally. We were a little late on x-mas eve in order for him to complete it.

This one was for our friends, Jeremy & Echelle Slade. It's pretty awesome!

Sam did this on his brother Hyrum's kitchen wall at his house.