Thursday, September 18, 2008

Look at me!!

Here is what Daniel is doing now!! It is so cute and he is getting so big!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun in the sun and pool!

So, the day after the wedding we had a lot of fun with some family that stayed in town. We played volleyball and other games in the pool. Then a little later we had lunch. Then we watched Bryan and Gabi open their gifts.

In the late afternoon we went and played softball. It has been so long since I was on the field, but it was so much fun and I think I did pretty good. Heather was on the other team and she asked my brother William, "How is Sunny so good?" He said, "She better be because she played in high school!" I thought how funny that was that she didn't even know that! I guess 10 years between us will do that!

My Uncle Scott was pitching and my Dad was hitting.

Bryan and Chelsea and little Karli.

Gabi, my Grandma Anderson, Sandy (on the bench) were cheering us on and Seth was holding Daniel.

A little later in the night Heather was giving me a haircut. The boys were getting pretty loud inside with their Uncle Nate and Uncle Seth, also Justin and Mark (some friends were over). The boys found some swimsuits for Justin and Mark to borrow, so they all went in the pool and had some fun. I heard lots of noise and laughter. Michael came to the door and said, "You got to come and watch this - it's really funny!" I was still in the middle of my hair cut, but when I was done I went out and this is what I saw -------

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bryan & Gabi's Wedding

My brother Bryan got married on the 5th of Sept. It was a lot of fun. He married Gabi who is from Brazil. Her parents came with her and have been able to see some sights in the U.S. Bryan went to Brazil on his mission and was able to teach them the gospel and he has kept in touch and is now married! Crazy how you can meet someone! Here is Daniel with my Grandma Anderson.
Jacob thought he was sooo cool! He was pulling off the look with the bow tie and cumberbon that my mom made for each of the grandson's.
Here is all of my parents grandkids. They have one on the way. My sister-in-law Keree is pregnant.
My cousin Kijuana said, "Is this going on your blog??" The pressure was on for a good photo! haha!! So here it is!

They were having their first dance.

Gabi and her dad.

Here is all of my siblings. With our crazy pose.

Back -Bryan, William, Seth; Front - Nolan, Heather, Chelsea, Me

Here is our serious pose. ha - yeah right!!

Michael is dancing. He was the fish that just got caught!

Chelsea dancing her little heart out! How cute!

I love the teeth smile! He was such a good boy. It was a really long day driving to and from Mesa, then decorating for the reception and cleaning afterwards! Lots of memories and fun.

Sam making funny faces!!

Nate did a backflip with the assistance from his wife Heather in the background!

Here is our friend Justin holding Daniel.

Sam doing a little dance!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Daniel's 1st Birthday!!

Daniel had his first birthday on August 15th. The year has gone by so fast! He was so excited to eat the cupcake. It's hard to tell by the pictures who is more excited - Daniel or Daddy!

He is such a good boy and loves his brothers so much. When they get home from school his eyes light up and he goes to wrestle them and give lots of hugs!


He was so funny, he wanted to have a drink from the straw. Sometimes he is really fast at getting a sip and some days he just doesn't have enough patience. When he took a drink this day he got the cutest smile.

I was helping my mom do some touch up painting in one of the bedrooms at her house and Daniel was playing with clean paintbrush. But - he finally touched a spot on the wall that was wet and it ended up on his face.

He felt a little guilty!!

One of Daniel's games is peek-a-boo. It is so cute. Sometimes he totally misses his eyes. He can hide for the longest time ever! Sometimes he'll hide for over 2 minutes while we keep saying "Where's Daniel?" It is so funny!

The other day Daniel's cousin, Kanela, came over and she had made a mess in her other clothes, so I had a onesie handy and they are both wearing a 12 month size. She is only 3 1/2 months old! She fills it out pretty well!