Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun in the sun and pool!

So, the day after the wedding we had a lot of fun with some family that stayed in town. We played volleyball and other games in the pool. Then a little later we had lunch. Then we watched Bryan and Gabi open their gifts.

In the late afternoon we went and played softball. It has been so long since I was on the field, but it was so much fun and I think I did pretty good. Heather was on the other team and she asked my brother William, "How is Sunny so good?" He said, "She better be because she played in high school!" I thought how funny that was that she didn't even know that! I guess 10 years between us will do that!

My Uncle Scott was pitching and my Dad was hitting.

Bryan and Chelsea and little Karli.

Gabi, my Grandma Anderson, Sandy (on the bench) were cheering us on and Seth was holding Daniel.

A little later in the night Heather was giving me a haircut. The boys were getting pretty loud inside with their Uncle Nate and Uncle Seth, also Justin and Mark (some friends were over). The boys found some swimsuits for Justin and Mark to borrow, so they all went in the pool and had some fun. I heard lots of noise and laughter. Michael came to the door and said, "You got to come and watch this - it's really funny!" I was still in the middle of my hair cut, but when I was done I went out and this is what I saw -------


.M@k3nZ!e. said...

hey, i cant get your movie to work :S
It won't let me push play.. idk whats wrong haha. Maybe its my computer?? not sure

Michelle said...

Hi! It's been forever since i've seen you! Thank goodness for blogs! Your family looks happy and healthy! I love softball too and so it's kind of like riding a bike once you step back out on the field! Good for you! Hope to see you soon- (live!)

.M@k3nZ!e. said...

hey, me and justin just watched that video. its so funny :] that was a great night.

Anonymous said...

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