Monday, September 15, 2008

Bryan & Gabi's Wedding

My brother Bryan got married on the 5th of Sept. It was a lot of fun. He married Gabi who is from Brazil. Her parents came with her and have been able to see some sights in the U.S. Bryan went to Brazil on his mission and was able to teach them the gospel and he has kept in touch and is now married! Crazy how you can meet someone! Here is Daniel with my Grandma Anderson.
Jacob thought he was sooo cool! He was pulling off the look with the bow tie and cumberbon that my mom made for each of the grandson's.
Here is all of my parents grandkids. They have one on the way. My sister-in-law Keree is pregnant.
My cousin Kijuana said, "Is this going on your blog??" The pressure was on for a good photo! haha!! So here it is!

They were having their first dance.

Gabi and her dad.

Here is all of my siblings. With our crazy pose.

Back -Bryan, William, Seth; Front - Nolan, Heather, Chelsea, Me

Here is our serious pose. ha - yeah right!!

Michael is dancing. He was the fish that just got caught!

Chelsea dancing her little heart out! How cute!

I love the teeth smile! He was such a good boy. It was a really long day driving to and from Mesa, then decorating for the reception and cleaning afterwards! Lots of memories and fun.

Sam making funny faces!!

Nate did a backflip with the assistance from his wife Heather in the background!

Here is our friend Justin holding Daniel.

Sam doing a little dance!

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