Friday, August 27, 2010

March happenings!

We went on vacation during spring break.  We went to the beach in San Diego for the day, then we proceeded to Anaheim for 3 more days.  Lots of fun in the sun!
Run Jacob!

Having too much fun!

Daniel taking a break from the water.  So cute!

The view from the top of the cliff.. 

We went to Disneyland and California Adventures for 3 days.  I think that was plenty..  We definitely got our moneys worth.  The boys had a lot of fun.  We still need to plan another trip sometime this year because we have a free day pass for each of us.  We participated in the Give a day, get a day promotion. We did service at the Marana farm for 3 hours pulling weeds.  It was really good for the boys and we get to go back to Disneyland!  Woohoo!!
Daniel loved the Buzz ride!

Lunch time.  Nice break for our feet too!

Disneyland get ready for us!

Some cute bugs waiting for the show!

My boys!

You can do it Daniel!!

Daniel & I went to the teacups.  I took this picture of is so fitting.  Doesn't everyone start to feel sick after this ride? ha ha

My pilots, ready for action!

Fireworks show -- it's really neat.  We were all getting pretty tired by this point!

You can do it Michael!!

We are all ready to party!!!  Nana's 60th birthday party!!  Happy birthday!!
Jacob, Isaac and Matthew doing the hula!

Here is Michael he is sooo ready for the luau! 

Here's Daniel and Noah..  The are having a good time with their punch!
Noah is also sporting his Iron Man cast that Sam drew for him.

Here is Nana's awesome cake that Tia Betsy made (Sam's sister).  Good job!

Jacob worked really hard this year with his Dad as one of his leaders and he earned
 his Webelos badge and his Arrow of Light.  We are so proud of him...

January & February

I feel kinda silly posting so far back -- but I like to use my blog as a journal.  So bear with me... I'm going to highlight a few events through the year to get me caught up again.  I will really try and do better at keeping up!!

Here are Jacob and Michael with their pine wood derby cars.   Gotta love those silly boys!

Here is my birthday present!  Sam made me a bed!  I love love love it!!

I had another birthday --wahoo!! Daniel's not impressed...

Another of Sam's projects completed.  Sam painted these closet doors for our nephews.
They were so excited to see them complete!!

Sam took the boys on a hike to Picacho.  The boys did great!  

X-mas - ya I know that was 8 month ago!! ha ha

Here are a few fun pictures from Christmas.  It was a really relaxed day and the boys had a blast with their new gifts and hanging out with lots of family.  We did our extended family Christmas' on Christmas Eve so we were able to just relax on Christmas day.  It was really nice!

Here is the big one!  Rock band!  These boys are ready to go!

Jacob's one happy boy on X-mas morning!

Nice new warm sweater.  He can't wait for more!


Daniel is soo excited his horsey and pow pow!!