Monday, October 20, 2008

Tagged -- 5th folder

Heather S. tagged me to do this: Open your 5th folder and post your 5th picture.

This was Michael's kindergarten graduation! He's in 2nd grade now. How time flies!

I am tagging = Heather W., Tania, Echelle, and Amanda

Friday, October 10, 2008

Duron Family Cruise

We had an awesome opportunity to go on a family cruise. Sam's parents are celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, so we decided to make a big vacation out of it. All of Sam's siblings (except for Melanie - she's in Bangkok) and their spouses were able to go. Ray & Jacque also brought their 2 kids along.

Here is Mom & Papa just relaxing on the deck.

Here we are just leaving the Port of San Diego.

Betsy's husband Tim just won 2nd place for the hairy chest competition. It was hilarious and kinda yucky too! (way too many hairy men!!! haha)

Formal night. Mom and Papa (Manny & Patsy)

Manuel & Michelle

Hyrum & Alicia

Ray & Jacque and the kids, Haley & Ryan

Betsy & Tim


We were up on the deck at the perfect time coming into Cabo San Lucas.

This is a picture of our ship the Elation from the beach in Cabo. The water was awesome!

Hyrum and Alicia were also celebrating their 9th anniversary.

This was up on the top deck. I believe it was some kind of antenna that rotated. I took the picture at just the right time.

Sam in Ensenada. That Mexican flag is so huge!

Papa bought 2 guitars - he was a happy boy!

Happy 40th Anniversary!! We love you!!

In Ensenada the boys all bought shirts - except for Manuel (he said he wouldn't wear it again so he didn't get one) Hyrum, Sam, Manuel, Tim & Ray

Here is Haley just before we got off the ship. She went and got 2 ice cream cones. She was a happy girl! We had ice cream whenever we wanted. It was funny, they joked around on the ship that you have never seen so many adults walking around with ice cream cones in your life and I think that's true!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Here Sam goes again!!

Sam has been busy once again. This one took a while. There is so so so much detail in this painting. The floor alone is so detailed. I am amazed every time that I see one of Sam's finished projects. This is just a fun photo of Michael and Jacob playing like they are in the painting. It also shows just how big it really is!
More fun! Crazy boys!!
Here are the lucky recipients of this artwork. Sam's brother Manuel and his wife Michelle. They just made the discovery that Sam painted Manuel into the artwork. Sam had room and he had to do a little improvising so he decided to surprise them!

Lots more September fun!!

Daniel LOVES babies! That was one of his first words. He is with his cousin Kanela. He was giving her hugs and kisses. So cute!!

Our nephew Zackary had his 3rd birthday. He is such a fun kid. Into EVERYTHING! I loved this picture - so cheesy.
I don't think Michael ate any cake - only frosting! Blue - as you can see!
We got Zack a present that he could maybe wear himself out with. He loved it! Power Rangers punching bag. He gave us a little show! We were highly entertained.
ok - so this picture is a little embarrassing, but oh well. Anytime I sit or lay on the floor Daniel makes himself comfortable. Sam wanted to test it out so he told me to lay down on the tile. He came right over and layed down right between my legs! Silly boy!!Tata and Sam took the boys shooting.JacobMichael
Sam's Uncle David got married on the 27th in Peoria. Here is Sam and Daniel just waiting. My cute boys!Uncle David with Nana (on the left) and his soon to be mother-in-law.Uncle David and his 3 sons - Josh, Andy, and Jared.Uncle David and Linda.Here is Sam's parents dancing. They were having lots of fun.