Thursday, July 16, 2009

The past few months!!

The past few months have been pretty busy I have really been slacking on my blog - but here are some highlights from the summer!!!

Michael turned 8 years old - we also sang to his Uncle Ray - their birthdays are 2 days apart.

He has been wanting this for some time - he was really excited!!

This is outside of the church on the day of Michael's baptism. This was the best picture I had - someone is always making a face!!

Daddy & Michael

Afterwards we had a party for Michael at the house with swimming and tons of food. It was a lot of fun to have all the family over.

Tim grabbed Betsy and jumped into the pool! This picture is funny with his foot just barely on the edge.

Here is Daniel in his jeep with his cousin Tima.

Later that night we went to my parents house for my brother Seth's Eagle Court of Honor. Kanela is getting cute now she is getting a little more out going and not so clingy to the mama.

Seth and my Mom.

Here he is receiving his Eagle with my parents on the side.

We went to Tombstone with Nana and Tata and Sam's sister Melanie and her kids.



Daniel - so cute with the cowboy hat!!

Jacob - watch out for the bear!!

Jacob wearing Tata's hat.

Nana & Tata

The kids have had lots of fun hours playing Twister.

Jacob had is birthday too!! He turned 10 years old. I can't believe it!!

Daniel is pretty excited about Jacob's gifts!

Sam got busy and finished his next project!! Ammon protecting King Lamoni's sheep. This one went to my sister Heather and her husband Nate.

Daniel broke the bone above his pinky toe in his left foot!! He was jumping from a chair onto the carpet and landed wrong. The picture's not that great but you can see that it is swollen and bruised. Luckily he only has to wear a boot for 3 weeks and they didn't need to cast it. That would have been such a pain!
I also went to my sister Heather's baby shower she has about 4 more weeks til her little girl Abigail Lily is born!!
Aunt Kathy - Heather - my Mom

A cute gift she got from our Aunt. Such a good idea!!

Sam's oldest brother turned 40 on the 7th and we did a surprise birthday party for him on Saturday. All of the bro's and sis's and families drove up to their home in Florence and surprised him. It was lots of fun. We all wore black shirts and some of the kids made special shirts to wear.

Meno holding Tima with his special shirt. He wouldn't stay in the group picture.

Here is Paulie - Jacob - Michael - Liza - Dasha & Daniel with their shirts. They are funny!!

Here is the best picture I have so far with Daniel and his little boot.

Happy 40th Birthday Uncle Meno!!

In the pinata there were mustaches - too funny!!

Ryan with his mustache.

Aunt Jacque with her mustache!! ha ha

All the grandkids - except Meno's oldest Seth - oldest to youngest

Top L-R Ryan, Haley, Tayler, Jacob, Dasha, Kylee, Michael, Paulie
Bottom L-R Isaac, Nathan, Tristin, Matthew, Liza, Noah, Daniel, Tima

All the kids and spouses - except Mikola (Melanie's husband)

Top L-R Ray, Tim, Meno, Sam, Hyrum
Bottom L-R Jacque, Melanie, Betsy, Michelle, Me, Alicia

Wow - busy busy times.


Michelle said...

That's some good times!! You have been very productive. Isn't it neat to capture all this??! Your kiddos are sooo big! You all look great! Miss seeing you!

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