Friday, October 16, 2009


My brother Nolan and his wife Keree came down from Idaho to visit. One night while they were here we got the chance to watch their little boy Perry. Daniel was having a good time with him. They were watching (sorry Nolan) Spongebob together. ha ha - it was so cute!

Our nephew Zackary had his birthday on the 11th and he is now 4 years old!!

Our ward had a campout up on Mt. Lemmon, so we went campimg again!! Sam put the boys to work and swept off the platform before we put our tent up. Daniel loves loves sweeping!!

Shooting the pow pows.

We walked out to Inspiration Rock - the city of Tucson is in the background. It is a really pretty view, especially at night with all of the lights. There is still a lot of devastation from the fire several years back.

My boys!!

Daniel was playing peek a boo.

Sam got some free movie tickets, so after we got home from camping and washed the cars and got cleaned up we went to go see Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs. It was a cute movie. Here are some cute pictures of the boys with their glasses.

Crazy Michael - always making some kind of face!

They liked it!

This month we found two snakes!! My brothers had snakes growing up - so my boys keep telling me they need one! I think we're ok.

Daniel found this one. Michael heard him saying snake - snake and pointing in the garage! It was under the van. Sam got it with a stick and put it in the bucket. We kept him overnight to let the boys have some fun with him, then let him go in the morning.

I found this one in the pool! The water level was a little low, so he was just there in the skimmer. We put it in our planter - thinking it would be a safe place for a pet. Just when I was about to go get a pinkie - I think something came along and ate it. We had him for 3 days.

Fun times with boys!


Heather said...

I love the picture with Perry and Daniel... so cute!

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