Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

We like have the kids use the same costumes to see how they look at similar ages. This is Pirate Michael at age 2 and Pirate Jacob at age 4. This year we introduce Pirate Daniel at age 2!!
We went to Sam's brothers ward party at a neighborhood park. Ryan and Haley are Ray & Jacques kids. Michael is Wolverine & Jacob is a Mime. We couldn't get Daniel to look at the camera for anything!
Our cute boys!!

I just asked Daniel "did you get a lot of candy?" his response "uh huh!" He was serious about it too!

I just liked this one! He was swiping Ryan's candy and putting it in his bag. This is the first year he has really enjoyed Halloween.

He finally looked at me!

My mime!

My Wolverine. We used lots and lots of gel and hairspray! He totally gets into character!

My pirate.

This toy bird would repeat phrases that the man would say. It just told Daniel to have a good day!

Leaving the park with my boys. I was really sick the day before this and this day was so so cold!! I totally forgot a sweater!

After the hat comes off!

Me & my hubby and Daniel at our ward trunk or treat. Lots of fun. Daniel went around to each car I think a couple of times! His bag was so heavy and he wouldn't let us help us carry HIS candy.

The mime with his loot. ( He didn't want to paint his face again!)

Daddy taking Daniel around.

Nachos libres!! Is what they were saying all night. Sam & Ray served up some nachos. It was a hit!

These are the Brown girls - Marissa, Rachelle and Emma. I watch them a few times during the week. It's cute - they are the same age as the boys so they get along really well. Fun times!!


Heather said...

woah, that was a fast post... I'm proud. The boys look like they had a lot of fun!

Heather (wife to Dave, mom to Jenna and Adam) said...

Love your boys costumes and even more importantly- LOVED the nachos! thanks :)

Emz said...

These pictures are awesome!

hmmmmm - I don't see you anywhere though. ;)

This music on your blog is the best. had my speakers set low then all the sudden I was like "What the crap!" where is the "THX" theme song coming from.

Anonymous said...

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