Saturday, June 21, 2008

Tucson's Children Museum

The boys and I went to the museum with Nana, Sam's mom, Melanie & her family and Haley this week. The kids had a lot of fun.
Michael & Jacob playing around.
Here's Daniel playing with some blocks.
Nana with Tima and Melanie, just watching the kids.
Tima and Daniel.Jacob & Dasha the firefighters.Michael, Jacob, Paulie, Uncle Mikola, and Dasha.Jacob & Haley
Uncle MikolaJacob

Momma and Daniel.

Little Tima sleeping on the table at Peter Piper Pizza, he was really hot, so he had to cool down.


barbafamily said...

Great posts! The museum looks like a lot of fun! And, I LOVE Sam's painting! He is amazing!

Heather said...

I was wondering when you would ever post again. It took you long enough!!! I love that Melanie's babies are so fair skinned (especially compared to their cousins) but what can I say that's what my kids are going to look like compared to their cousins too!

The Richards said...

Hey Sam it's Amber, your blog is awesome!!! do you have any idea if anyone is lacking tickets for this weekend coming up, Aaron and I are probably not going to be able to go but we hate just losing out on the money, we would even sell them for cheaper! call me 965-5736

Kenyon said...

Great to see an update! Your boys are SO handsome :) Miss ya.

Natalie said...

My goodness!! Daniel is growing so fast!

It was good seeing Sammy this weekend~ he speaks so highly of you. :)

The Merrill's said...

Sunny, I don't know what I did with your e-mail. E-mail me at so I can add you to my blog invites.

Anonymous said...

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