Saturday, June 21, 2008

Some random stuff!

Daniel is so curious about little Kanela. She was crying and Daniel wasn't sure what to think. He was just leaning on her trying to help her. It was really cute.

I just love how excited babies get in the laundry basket. The simple things that make them happy!!
Daddy getting Daniel started off early!
William, my brother, had extra tickets to Michael Buble so he took us with him. It was a lot of fun. Their seats were a little closer, so they have better pictures. I will post some when I get them.
So cute, both of their faces almost have the same expressions!
Sam's sister, Melanie, came in from Bangkok with her family this month and she had her new baby boy Tima blessed. These are all of the Duron boys. ( The only one missing is Melanie's husband who was in NY and Manuel's son Seth.)

Here are all of the Duron girls (plus baby boy Tima). We were thinking what a crowd when all of the kids are teenagers!

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