Saturday, June 21, 2008

Sam's Newest Project

As you know, Sam is a very talented artist. Some of his previous work is also posted on our blog. Here is his latest project. It is a 4' by 6', it's pretty awesome to see hanging on the wall.
"George Washington's Prayer at Valley Forge"

Sam did this painting for his Dad for Father's Day. We snuck into their home on the Saturday before and hung it so he would be extra surprised.
This one is just with a different flash setting on our camera.
Here is Sam's new dream bike!


Helen Thomas Robson said...

That is amazing...sssssssssoooooo awesome. I knew that sam was an least I had heard that he was. Wow, so talented. I just love it. I bet his parents were so surprised. iwould of loved to of been there to see their faces when they saw it.

Anonymous said...

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