Tuesday, December 21, 2010

April and May 2010

Time sure flies when you're having fun!!  Here are some photo highlights from a long time ago.  ha ha
Easter hunt at the park with the cousins!

Helping Dad launch the rocket!

Getting ready for blast-off..

Another completed project for Sam!  Closet doors for our nephews.

Daniel and Abby love each other sooo much!


On Sam's birthday he got chlorine gased at work.  I ended up calling 911 because he was having a really hard time breathing and was making me really nervous.  Thankfully they let us go later that night, but we had to have his party the next day.

Happy Birthday to Sam!!

Daniel trying to hide!

We went to Aunt Sylvia's house and made a ton of empanadas.. they were really yummy!

We went to the Gila Valley Temple open house with some of our extended family it was a really neat experience,
Here is all of the Anderson side of the family that was there.

Tata with some of his grandkids.

Cool boy.

Daniel and his cool summer haircut from Aunt Heather,

His shoom, as he called it.

Happy birthday to Michael and Uncle Ray.

Michael's new glasses.

Crazy boy!

Jacob was promoted from 5th grade.. middle school here he comes!

Seth graduated from High School.  

Daniel and Abby :)

My parents with Seth.

The girls and Seth.  Me, Chelsea, and Heather.

This picture is kinda funny I posted it for my cousin Emz to see...I think we look really similar in this pic!  Weird!