Thursday, March 12, 2009

Catch Up!! Again!!

Michael got sick last week with pnemonia - he spent 3 days in the hospital. He was not happy about that especially because he was supposed to have a field trip to the zoo on Friday. His doctor let him go for a few hours - so I took him there to meet up with his class for the behind the scenes tour. While Michael was with his class, I took Daniel around the Zoo some. He had lots of fun. (He wasn't feeling that great either - he got a rash all over his poor body.) It is finally starting to look better!!
Daniel with the peacock.

Watching the polar bear swim.

The teet teet! (Bird noise! ha ha)

Sam's sister came to town in February and we went to family night at Peter Piper Pizza. This is just a cute picture that I had to put in!

The boys trying out furniture! Daniel had to sit and try almost every couch! He would tell his brothers - down! down! Translation - sit down!

The boys cousin Kylee had her 8th birthday and we went to her baptism. Afterwards they had reserved a church building for a party. Michael is with his loot from the pinata! Mustache & gold teeth included!

Here is Daniel with his cousin Noah checking out the pinata before the beating.

I had gone upstairs at my moms house and when I came back down this is what I found! Daniel fell asleep on the stairs!!

Jacob had his pinewood derby. He and Sam made a school bus - it was really cool! He wasn't feeling good this day - so that is why he is so excited! lol!

We went to Sam's sister's house - Betsy & Tim and after dinner we all played wii. Here is Daniel taking in the action.

We roasted some marshmellows!

Before dinner we went to Tombstone with Nana & Tata. Nana is wearing Tata's new hat. We all took a picture in the hat - it's funny.

The boys - sitting on a bench in Tombstone.

Michael with the scary ghost!

All the aftermath of happy new year!!!

Sam drinking his first soda in a whole year at midnight on New Years Eve! His Mexican Coke.

Daniel blowing his horn.

Isaac - Jacob & Michael. Nerf darts were all over the house. They had tons of fun.

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