Thursday, December 13, 2007

Saturday, December 8th

My Uncle Gordon was diagnosed with luekemia just before Thanksgiving and he had been in the hospital for medical treatment. He passed away on the 3rd very fast and unexectedly. He was fine the night before, we never know when we will be called home. Here are some pictures from the day of his funeral. My Uncle Gordon and his sister (Aunt Becki), these are my mom's siblings.
(this pic. was taken Thanksgiving weekend.)

Me and my sisters Heather and Chelsea
My parents and our whole family (except Nate, Heather's husband), I am the oldest of 7 children. 4 of us are married and 1 more engaged. And 5 grandkids (I have 3 and Will & Sandy have 2 with one on the way). Sam and I


Kenyon Robson said...

I cant believe that. how sad. Did he have his own family? That is so tragic, sorry your family went through that.

Linae said...

That is so crazy. I am so sorry. How is your mom doing? Makes me rememeber how precious life is.

Sunny Duron said...

It was really sad - remember my aunt who was at my baby shower?? It was her husband. They had 4 kids and 8 grandkids.